Australia is a dream-country for the most of the tourists travel across the world. From its aborigines sacred legends with great spiritual conjured to the rainforests, coral reefs as well as the red deserts make fascinating the travelers. This is the smallest continent with the largest island in the world – similar to the United State. But, population is same as the New York State.



Top Rated Traveling Destinations in Australia

Australia’s spectacular beauty and staggering contrast are also getting full marks of its marvelous. There are costs to exploring with multicultural, vibrant cities, vast sand islands for safari, trekking through the rainforests along with diving in the Great Barrier Reef. So, let’s get packed to explore the beauty of Australia.

Sydney Opera House

The most popular and attractive place to visit in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. It’s shaped as billowing sails or huge shells it’s built on the Bennelong Point of Sydney. It’s enlisted in the World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO holding the greatest architectural icon in the world. The stunning location is surrounded with water on its three sides along with a border of the Royal Botanic Garden to the south. There are facilities of getting a meal in its restaurant or taking a tour through the building compiled with encompasses theatres, a concert hall, studios, and cinema and exhibition rooms.

Blue Mountains National Park

Another World Heritage of the UNESCO that’s a popular trip situating Sydney’s 81km west. Its name came from the blue haze emanating eucalyptus trees and a 664,000-are amazing park with dramatic gorges, aboriginal rock, waterfalls and a hiking trail of 140 km. Its greatest attractions are the towering sandstone rock, scenic railway, ancient rainforest. Travelers get charmed with mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding in the park.



Austria’s second largest city, Melbourne, is one of the popular stops on the Australia itineraries. This sophisticated city stands on the bank of the Yarra River holding huge galleries, restaurants, theatres, shops that make the feeling of distinct European. It’s a green city with many gardens, parks with open spaces consisted with its one-third of the total area. The other attractions of the city are the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Shoppers can enjoy a great shopping experience on the shopping centers of the Royal Arcade (Bourke Street), Melbourne Central Shopping Center etc. Its east, having greater Melbourne is extended into amazing Dandenong Range and the south’s Mornington Peninsula is a hub of seaside getaways.

Great Barrier Reef

Not only one of the world’s seven wonders, but also the Great Barrier Reef is the most bucket list of every traveler. It’s touched the Queensland’s east coast and extended up to south’s Bundaberg and north’s Cape York that’s a total of 2, 000 km. It contains roughly 600 islands, 3,000 coral reefs and 1625 fish-species. It amuses more than 1.6 million visitors annually. Another of its attractions is the Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas, Kuranda Scenic Railway etc. There are some 74 islands well-known as the Whitsunday is the array of exclusive stylish resorts.


These are some of the Australia’s best tourist destinations that offer different travel experiences for their visitors. There are many more tourist attractions in the country, including Bondi Beach, Fraser Island, Great Ocean Road, Uluru’s Kakadu National Park, etc.