Popular Fishes with Dangerous Elements Should NOT EAT EVER

We’re paying attention to popular fishes with some dangerous elements should not eat ever. The oceans are the huge stock of different wild fishes. But, they are contaminated through many kinds of industrial activities. Safe fishes are keeping your head spin in the good level. But, you must know about the stocks depleted and rebound each year. There are many fishes must not eat for any health issues.

Some of the Popular Fishes with Dangerous Elements

Fishes are a great source of protein and various minerals and vitamins. But, all of them are not safe for the human body. Some fishes have different health related issues that could be serious after the long term consumption. Here is the discussion about Some Popular Fishes That You Should Not Eat Ever.


Many people of this time eat shark and its various products, but this is ironic that some organizations arrange a food festival and recommend shark as the healthy food. If you learn about few studies about sharks, there is no any scientific evidence in support of eating shark or taking its supplements that will provide you any health benefits. They have suggested avoiding the eating of shark.


Tilapia causes many kinds of health issues to the human wellbeing. The levels of Dibutylin become higher by 2 times after eating tilapia. This Dibutylin is one of the dangerous ingredients and make the immune system weak. It’s also responsible for the development of asthma, hypersensitivities, obesity and some other issues of metabolism.


Swordfish is another large and contaminated fish as natural diet. Swordfish is popular, but it contains mercury in the highest levels among the larger consuming fishes. Moreover, it has high levels neurotoxin, which called methyl mercury. It’s very dangerous for pregnant women, because it can cross the placenta to damage the newborn fetus nervous system.


Mackerel is considered as healthier fish for its high levels of magnesium, but this fish also unhealthy for high levels of mercury, a wild mackerel contains higher levels of mercury than its regular level of 0.454 ppm. The fish is said to avoid by the food nutritionists, but someone can eat 4 ounces at one time in one month.

Tuna Steaks or Albacore Tuna

Tuna is tricky regarding to the rules. Albacore tuna has mercury of medium level. So, when you like to eat it, the recommended dose is not more than 6 ounces in a week. The same thing is for tuna steak that is also has a medium level of mercury.

American Eel

The American eel is also contaminated with various pollutions. You must avoid poisonous as well as contaminated the Atlantic and pacific caught squid, both of them are same to taste and harmful to health. The main health issue of the fish is its high mercury levels. Mercury is responsible to impair our nervous system as and the development of the brain, commonly in infants and young children along with developing fetuses of pregnant women.


So, we should be careful to this Popular Fishes That You Should NOT EAT EVER. Especially, consider them for children and pregnant women to keep them safe and proper development of their growth without any harm to their physical and mental health.


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Some of the fishes such as Tilapia, Swordfish, Mackerel and American Eel must be avoided for different types of health problems for all types’ people.