Are any wine produced in Bangladesh

In most of the countries a meal is never complete without a wine bottle. Bringing a wine bottle to dinner is part of western manners. Wine is one of the furthermost expensive alcohols in the world. It is the most glamorous and lustrous drink that could ever be. So let’s talk about how wine is made exactly? And the brands in Bangladesh, if there is any.

At the very beginning you need to collect grapes from your vineyard or from the market. Then you need to take the juice out. The process used to turn grape juice into wine is called “fermentation”. Grapes on the vine are covered with yeast, mold and bacteria. By putting grape juice into a container at the right temperature, yeast will turn the sugar in the juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The grape juice will have fermented.

In a bar in Dhaka it is impossible to find Bangladeshi wine brand is impossible, due to legal obstacles there is no wine band in Bangladesh. In normal dingy Dhaka bar you will find wine of a few cheap alcohol brands.

It is a very expensive process to make wine. You need to have a vineyard and necessary technologies to make a bottle of wine. So, in a country like Bangladesh wine production is merely a day dream. Because, government is not going to legalize wine or alcohol production as private business. In Bangladesh there is only one alcohol brand called Carew and Co. owned by the government and this brand doesn’t produce wine. I don’t see any hope for wine production in Bangladesh in near future.