Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Review – Thinnest & Frameless Full HD Screen TV

Xiaomi is releasing soon its new TV set, the thinnest Mi TV 4. This one is coming as a high-end set featuring a frame of 4.9mm thick, no virtual bezel and a TV of modular system separated its panel from other electronics. Moreover, it’s featured of “Patch Wall” that can predict your watched contents. It’s 10-speaker with sound-bar offers Dolby sound. You’ll get these all of 65”-TV within US$2000, but primary will available in the Chinese markets.


Review of Xiaomi Mi TV 4

This is going to be available in the market this month (May, 2017) as the Xiaomi’s next-Gen Mi TV 4. It was announced during the launching time its coming bezel-less with a minimum thickness of 4.9mm. There are many attractive features along this slimmest TV set. It supports 4K that all model-TVs are not doing such a resolution as well as technology.


Some other features of Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Some people do not like the design for its different design and a little bit of bulky comparing to other models offered in the market. It’s designed for less-income group people who want better use of their money for a good quality TV set. The model is designed as the high quality TV in a cheaper rate. Its power button located below the logo of Mi TV4 and that’s the single physical button on this model. So, you must be depended upon the remote controller entirely. It’s not meant deeper of its functionalities.



The mix TV’s remote controller comes with AI-support. Its voice searching option is very useful for the users and it offers searching anything. For example, when you’re searching for any movie, it’ll take you there quickly. It also supports fuzzy search that’s making your searches in the way of “show me this year’s Oscar winning movie”. Your command of starting a video after 10 minutes, it plays at 9:55. One of other fun features is its voice controlling image search. Say, you’re movie on it and eager to learn about actors’ info, simply ask ‘who is he or she’; your TV will search for actors’ corresponding information.


For its connectivity, there are 2 USB ports of 2.0 versions, 3 HDMI interfaces, LAN port, AV input, S/PDIF interface, antenna and much more. But, it comes without USB 3.0 port and this is not a big problem for Mi TV4 owners at all. It also comes with Tencent content, making you worry-free TV experience.


This coin-like TV set is going to be launched officially this month (18th May, 2017) with more than one variant. When it’s the point of the flagship TV, not the cheapest one, Mi TV 4 is the thinnest one in the world. So, it’s taking a little space in the home with much elegance. This one thinnest point is 4.98mm and the thickest point is 38.99mm. But, the new thinnest TV will provide amazing video quality with it Full HD screen. This frameless TV comes with 65”, 55” and 49” models. Its 65” model’s weight is 20.6 kg including 3.62 kg’s sounds-bar and sub offer of 3.611 kg.